How to use Veganic Special Sauce

Just add water and apply!

Veganic Special Sauce is the most user-friendly microbial tea on the market. Just add water and apply. However, through years of testing and observing we know that Veganic Special Sauce has many different applications that can be utilized. Please let us know if you have come up with a creative style of using Veganic Special Sauce so we can share it with the world.

Compost Teas and Homebrews

Farmers have brewed plant teas for thousands of years and have been very creative and successful. If you brew your own compost tea and love and trust it, by all means don’t stop. However, we do encourage you adding Veganic Special Sauce to enhance your brew. Not only do you get the Veganic Special Sauce guaranteed microbial inoculant, but you also add an array of carefully selected microbial food. Add Veganic Special Sauce at 1 Tbsp. per 5 gallons of your brew when it is finished brewing. Mix well and use immediately. Veganic Special Sauce is a highly effective tea additive and is recommended every time you brew. Some people have developed their own technique.

Top Dressing

Top dressing is another easy and effective way to use Veganic Special Sauce. Lightly dust the soil media around each plant and simply water in. When and if you see a fuzzy white substance on the top of the media, don’t be alarmed. That substance is beneficial fungus taking action.


One way to use Veganic Special Sauce hydroponically is to make a batch separate from your reservoir to filter out any large particles. It is not recommended to use Veganic Special Sauce with drip emitters because the micronized rock mineral particles (microbial food) can clog emitters. The micronized rock particles will run through a pump but not through drip emitters. Veganic Special Sauce works fine wtih Ebb and Flow (Flood and Drain) systems. Veganic Special Sauce can slightly increase the pH level of your reservoir so adjust pH accordingly.

Foliar Feeding

Foliar feeding is a great way to stimulate your plant growth, while increasing the fruiting and yield. Make sure to filter Veganic Special Sauce before putting through your sprayer. Add OG Pure for added benefits. Spray entire plant twice a week to reap great results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use OG Tea?

With Veganic Special Sauce you are growing these very same beneficial bacteria on your leaves and roots. It takes time for them to grow. It helps to inoculate constantly and regularly. Once a week is the minimum schedule. Some growers inoculate every time they water or feed. When using beneficial microbes, more can be better. Increase the good with OG Tea.

Why doesn’t Veganic Special Sauce use compost and manure as a nutrient and microbe source?

1) There is potential contamination from pathogens, heavy metals, insects and weed seeds.
2) Inconsistency. OG Tea Company uses professional grade microbes that are laboratory tested to guarantee purity.

Does OG Tea Company use Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)?

No. All the beneficial microbes used in OG Tea products naturally occur in the soil, around the roots, and on the surface of the leaves of living plants. There is no need to try to improve upon Mother Nature.

Is Veganic Special Sauce™ registered with the State of California?

Yes. On every bag of Veganic Special Sauce™ is a website link to the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). The OG Tea company is a licensed fertilizer manufacturer in the State of California.

Should I refrigerate my bag of OG Tea?

The microbes in all OG Tea products are alive and in a dormant state. They are like a seed, so there is no need to refrigerate the bag. Room temperature is the best storage temperature. The gold poly film bag is heat sealed when you buy it. Always seal the bag after each use to prevent moisture from collecting inside the bag which could cause spoilage. Microbes typically have a shelf-life of 24 months depending on the specific microbes in the consortium. It is best to use your OG Tea products before the expiration date on the bag.

What is a consortium of microbes?

Imagine that you had a copy of every micro-organism living on Earth. Then you picked all the “good ones” and mixed them together into a super-duper, strong mixture. It would be awesome! Right? Wrong! Only by studying the rhizosphere or area around living roots can you find the answer. Biologists found that certain microbes associate together because they have compatibility with each other and produce a synergistic effect while living in close relationship with plants. Groups of microbes that form an association and have a beneficial effect on plants are called a consortium. This consortium protects the plant from environmental stress and feeds the plant minerals dissolved from the soil. This symbiosis with the plant also protects and nourishes the microbes.

I have some really good compost and worm castings. Do I still need to add OG Tea to my compost tea?

The “old growers” do and the new growers do too. Adding OG Tea to your brew insures that a good dose of known beneficials are in the mix. It will help make a good tea become a great tea! With OG Tea you know for sure that you will have lots of microbes and the right kind. Your crop is too important to take a chance.

Where does OG Tea Company get its microbes?

The use of microbes in agriculture exploded when it was found that every food crop grown forms a symbiotic relationship with microbes. Since then, state-of-the-art production facilities have been built using patents and licenses from major agricultural universities. All of the microbes in every OG Tea Company product comes from one of these facilities managed by a team of PhD’s, each cooperating from within their various fields of specialty. Their mission is to research, develop and produce consortiums of microbes that are compatible with each other for maximum synergistic effect and produce benefits for plants.

Should I add Veganic Special Sauce™ to my compost tea?

Absolutely. In fact, this special mixture of nutrients and microbes was developed by the “old growers” brewing compost tea. They would brew up some awesome tea and then add the pure, good stuff during the last few minutes or so to guarantee a great batch, every single time.