Welcome to the Revolution

The people at OG Tea Company are striving to think differently in a world that needs positive change. Our focus is clean, earth friendly gardening, to promote positive health for Mother Earth, mind, body and spirit. The synergy that comes from co-operation is essential for all of existence. Using this idea as our inspiration, our research team has developed a special consortium of beneficial microbes that do just that, work together. Continuing with our research, we have discovered the optimum conditions for maximum microbial expansion using new technologies developed at leading international laboratories. At the same time, we have simplified the entire process for the end user. JUST ADD WATER. Our philosophy is that everything in existence must co-operate in order to thrive.






The North Coast of California has a unique combination of geography, geology and climatic conditions. The volcanic soils plus the Mediterranean climate is unique in America. This location allows for the maximum amount of sunshine with almost zero rainfall during the growing season. Plus, the nightly coastal fog cools the sun's intensity for the best harvest possible.





1. Should I add "Veganic Special Sauce" to my compost tea?
Absolutely. In fact, this special mixture of nutrients and microbes was developed by the "old growers" brewing compost tea. They would brew up some awesome tea and then add the pure, good stuff during the last 3 hours or so to guarantee a great batch, every single time.